About us


The natural stone specialists.
Parrees is a leading supplier of premium quality natural stone for over 18 years . We distribute and retail stone pan India and offer a wealth of technical knowledge and personalised customer service .
If you are an architect , interior designer , a property developer , builder , stone mason , a general shopper , home owner , renovator we are keen to meet you.
About us - Fuelled by adoration for nature’s own ART form and with a deep love and fondness for stones we started as traders . Along with trading we came into processing and manufacturing . The company expanded its product range . Eventually with enormous research , efforts and countless trials and errors our commitment to craftsmanship can be seen within every textural detail . Textures and unique finishes are our forte .
Stone has a unique intricacy that is simply captivating . With such diversity in shape , colour and texture it’s easy to see why it dramatically enhances any exterior or interior space . ‘ The true value of a product isn’t measured by how expensive it is , but by how much it empowers ‘ .
Natural stones , rocks , marbles , granites etc are formed over millions of years inside the earths crust . Crystallised at depth these stone masses are exposed at the earths surface by crustal movement . With natural stone you get a piece of that magic nature in your home , forever you will be a possessor of earths RELICS forever........
Headquartered in Pune Maharashtra India - In the heart of the city our store is waiting to transform your inspiration into a dream come true .